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Things to Draw and Color – Sailing With Colored Pencils Through Childhood

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Things to Draw and Color – Sailing With Colored Pencils Through Childhood

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Have you ever considered that those mangled incoherent drawings your little child makes represent something more complex than meets the eye? Science has proven that every single creative action kids undertake plays a role in the major scheme of evolution , including cognitive, emotional, physical development, as well as grasping the concept of imagination versus reality.

Often neglected, scribbling marks the beginning of an intricate process that will end up in forming a clear personality for the individual. From 18 months old each of us try to comprehend shapes and forms and to translate them into paper depictions, coherent or not. Associative thinking comes in to offer a supporting hand in the difficult yet constant struggle of grasping the mechanisms hidden behind the surrounding world we have created around us.Conceptualization appears in an unconscious way in the basic forms of representing a fairy tale house,  bird, a tree, imagery we are all familiar with.

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A tendency presents from the beginning of time, drawing on early stages has now become an alternative educative process, one with the goal of enhancing creativity and inducing a freedom of expression from early years. Self confidence is gain much earlier in present generations and drawing, painting, sketching has a role to play in this accomplishment.

As in most cases, children are constantly trying to associate mundane objects with basic primitive forms and shapes which end up mingling and composing in unique unrealistic manners in the beginning. Later on, imagination makes room for realistic depictions and interpretations of natural landscapes and the human body which evolves from the basic circle and line form to something more artistically complex, with intentions of size, proportions and perspective.

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This period is considered to be a vital one as it reflect a normal natural understanding of the concept of world and of the real. Nonetheless, creativity must linger and it must be encouraged in expression. Here is also the stage in which parents must involve into the child’s imbolds of creativity, offering constant feedback on their creations, supporting every move, this will lay the groundwork for future artistic tendencies.

It is also important to offer basic artistic mediums and materials in order for the kid to find his own method of expression. Luckily, the palette is wide enough to choose from: pencils, watercolor, acrylics, charcoal, oil, glass paint and so on. Techniques vary as well as difficulty level thus professional support might be necessary for those who express a desire and talent in this direction.

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In the end the most important aspect of this alternative learning method is represented by the constant and steady involvement of the parent in the child’s evolution. Dialogue in a positive note is encouraged as well as aid where and when necessary. Maintain a positive attitude and try to enter the childhood realm once again and to enjoy the process at its fullest. You might be surprised of the results.

We would love to hear your take on the process of drawing and coloring from an early age as well as the influence of cartoons in the child’s evolution. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.


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