Nov 08

SunRype Bars

I received this product to review. All opinions are 100% my own.



If you are like me you want the most healthy snacks available for yourself and your family. Of course they have to taste great, too! SunRype Fruit and Chia Bars are awesome! Even my picky girls love them!


“Vegan products are becoming more mainstream, and the reasons to choose vegan extends beyond ethical reasons; consumers see vegan foods as generally healthier,” McAnerney said.

Only about 1% of the population has celiac disease and so must avoid gluten, according to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. But another 6% is sensitive to gluten and almost one-third is looking for gluten-free products. “They’re buying for non-medical reasons because they see these products as healthier,” McAnerney said.

SunRype’s new Fruit & Chia bars are made with fruit, chia and seeds. They’re also made with

gluten-free oats. Each 50g bar contains 800mg of Omega 3’s.

The Energy bars have 7g of plant protein and don’t contain soy or whey protein, an allergen for

some people. Instead, pea protein us used. The bars also contain green tea and ginseng for what

is said to be a safe energy boost.

I personally really love the energy bars. I love getting a little boost but in a healthy way. I didn’t feel jittery but I had energy. They also taste great, which is a huge plus!


Be sure to pick up SunRype while you are out. I’m sure your family will love them as much as mine does! Make sure you get a few because they don’t last around my house!

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Here We Go Again Ready received this product to review. All opinions are 100% my own. I only recommend products I feel would be beneficial to my readers.