Jan 22

Libre Tea Mixed Life 14oz 6 Piece Giftset

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Libre Tea Mixed Life 14oz 6 Pce Giftset

I love Libre Tea Infusers so when I found out that they have a gift set that includes 6 infusers I was so excited! I love the designs of myLibre Tea Infusers. These glasses are made differently because it has a glass interior and plastic exterior.  You also have a screen that enables you to use the glass 3 different ways.

If you are wanting a infused drink, lift the screen add your lemon, berries, cucumbers, or whatever else you are wanting in the container.  Add the water, place the screen back on and drink directly for the screen lid.

You can make tea two different ways.  You can either place in the jar like you did with infusing or you can use the screen to place the herbs in.  The video below shows exactly have you can you the Libre Tea Infusers.

No matter what flavor of tea you use or type you get a great tasting tea that stays warm so much longer than any other method! I love using loose tea with the screen or just throwing a tea bag in the main glass. Either way I am always left with an awesome cup of tea.  Oh and I love that the  Libre Tea Infusers fit perfectly in my car drink holder so they are perfect for on the go.

This gift set includes 6 of the Libre Tea Infusers. You get 3 different designs. Starburst Turquoise 14oz, Lively Leaves Green 14oz, and Garden Dance Pink 14oz. So you get great tea in an awesome design. Depending on your mood you can chose the design that fits you for the day.

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  1. Kim K

    I like the starburst turquoise color. I like that these will fit in my car holder so I can bring them with me.

  2. Lynne B

    Wow! I ‘m not sure what I was expecting but this was more than a pleasant surprise. I love that you can use them for fruits or herbs, in addition to tea. I also love that you can use it for hot or cold beverages.

  3. Tina Alexander

    It’s great that these come in different designs and colors so that can be put in different rooms of the house and look appealing.

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