Aug 16

Introducing My Friend Teddy!

I received this product to review. All opinions are 100% my own.


Introducing My Friend Teddy!

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Do you have a child 2 years or older? If so My Friend Teddy is a must.  My Friend Teddy is an interactive teddy.  


  • MY  FRIEND  TEDDY  is  a  cuddly  teddy  bear,  designed  equally  as  a  personalized  plush  toy  companion, as well as a development tool for preschoolers.

  • Parents are able to customize child specific information, such as favorite characters, family names, and birthdays, and Teddy will incorporate them into his engaging interactive and storytelling dialogue.

  • MY FRIEND TEDDY also features numerous activities to further enhance motor skills and language development, via interactive learning games, counting exercises while offering multiple degrees of complexity built in, allowing parents to adjust learning levels appropriately as the child develops.

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My Friend Teddy connects to your tablet, smartphone, or computer through bluetooth.  You can set My Friend Teddy up easily with your child’s favorite things. My Friend Teddy can tell stories and play games, too!

My 2 year old loves her My Friend Teddy.  She takes him everywhere she goes. She also sleeps with him every night.  Even when My Friend Teddy is not in sync with a bluetooth it laughs, makes noises and 

Photo (24)

I have never seen her so attached to a toy.  My Friend Teddy is really her best friend. 

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I really love that the batteries last a very long time.  As much as my daughter plays with My Friend Teddy I still haven’t had to change the batteries.  That is a big plus for a parent.  

I also love that she has a toy that she actually learns with.  My Friend Teddy has also helped her with my oldest daughter going to Kindergarten this year.  She usually really attached to her sister but My Friend Teddy plays with her when her sister isn’t here.

My oldest daughter also really loves My Friend Teddy she thinks it is great that it interacts with our iPad and knows things about my youngest.

Seriously if you have a young child they would love My Friend Teddy just like my girls do. You can find My Friend Teddy at Walmart.  My Friend Teddy is the perfect gift, too!  Do you have a birthday coming up or already starting holiday shopping?  Add My Friend Teddy to your list for your toddler!

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Here We Go Again…Ready? received this product to review. All opinions are 100% my own. I only recommend products I feel would be beneficial to my readers.


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  1. Amanda Schaeffer

    I love that parents can customize the information and it incorporates it into the story thats cool

  2. Amanda Schaeffer

    I love that you can customize it and it incorporates the information into the story

  3. Casey

    I Love that it tells stories, customization can help ease small ones to sleep with familiar stories that allows adults to ease out of the room after the first telling.

  4. Carol Kretz

    My grandson is four and he would love that

  5. Jacqueline Hargraves

    Everybody loves Teddy bear !

  6. Lynn Desroche

    My nephew would love this!! I really love how interactive he is and seems like a great learning tool. Looks like a trip to Walmart is in my future!

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