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Getting Patriotic with Sweetworks Child’s Craft & Giveaway

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Sweetworks. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.


Getting Patriotic with Sweetworks Child’s Craft  & Giveaway


Photo (22)


My girls were so excited when I let them know I was going to be doing a craft with Sweetworks for the patriotic season.  We love cupcakes here and Sweetworks really brings beauty and awesome candies to any cupcake.


Photo (29)

This time around my 5 year old frosted and decorated.  She loves being able to decorate with Sweetworks candy.  She was also excited because since her birthday is coming up she knew she would be taking the cupcakes she created to school to celebrate.


Photo (26)

I really love the fact that Sweetworks gives you so many different options to play with.  Every occasion they create amazing colors and shapes that really make your creations pop!


Photo (25)


This time of year is perfect to create awesome treats with your kids. They are out of school so it gives them an activity and with Sweetworks you know it is going to look amazing!

We actually did two projects this time around.  With my oldest having half days most of the week we decided to make brownies that would be perfect for the 4th of July.  This time around I had my 5 year old and 2 year old help.

Photo (27)


What is better than brownies with more chocolate?  Oh and don’t they just look amazing?  I almost don’t want to eat them, oh who am I kidding?


So who is ready to create some awesome patriotic desserts this year with Sweetworks? One lucky reader will get $50 Patriotic themed Sweetworks candies!!



Patriotic Blogger Giveaway – Winner Packages (substitutions are possible)

  •  Item Description                                               Qty        Value
  •  Royal Blue Sixlets 14oz Stand-Up Bag           1          $ 5.00
  • Shimmer White Sixlets 14oz Stand-Up Bag   1          $ 5.00
  • Royal Blue Gumballs 14oz Stand-Up Bag       1          $ 5.00
  • Red Gumballs 14oz Stand-Up Bag                   1          $ 5.00
  • Red & White Peppermint Crumble Jar           1          $ 3.00
  • Blue & White Vanilla Crumble Jar                   1          $ 3.00
  • Red, White, Blue Sixlets Small Peg Bags        2          $ 2.00
  • Red, White, Blue Pearls Small Peg Bags         2          $ 2.00
  • Red, White, Blue Stars Sweet Shapes              2          $ 2.00
  • Red Foiled Milk Chocolate Hearts               1/2 lb      $ 6.00
  • Royal Blue Foiled Milk Chocolate Balls      1/2 lb      $ 6.00
  • White Foiled Milk Chocolate Balls               1/2 lb     $ 6.00
  •                                         Total Package Value          $50.00


This giveaway is  US only, 18 or older.  Only one entrant per household. Giveaway ends on March 29 at 11:59 PM EST . Winner will be notified by email and has 24 hours to respond.  If there is no response during that time a new winner will be chosen.  Good Luck Everyone!! 


Here We Go Again …Ready? received this product to review. All opinions are 100% my own. I only recommend products I feel will benefit my readers. Here We Go Again…Ready is not responsible for the distribution of this prize. The Sponsor is responsible for prize. This contest is not associated with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.  


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  1. Alice F

    I love the design of your cupcakes and I think those would be perfect with the little candies on top! My husband is retiring from the US Marines after 25 years and we are having a big retirement party for him. These would be perfect!

  2. Tamra Phelps

    I’d use sixlets & maybe some Niagara chocolates just so I can eat them while I bake, lol. Chocolate is lucky to make it in to the baked goods when I’m around.

  3. desiree

    the choclate candy a nd then the brownies like them a lot

  4. Jeanine

    I’d love to use the Ovation® Milk Pumpkin Spice Break-A-Part because I think they’d look awesome on my pumpkin cheesecake!

  5. Dawn Monroe

    Id like to use the red and blue gumballs to put in popsicles or a guess how many jar for my grand kids.

  6. Kim Pinch

    I would use the powder blue and white and the red and white candy crumble in a cookie recipe I have that uses crushed candy cane. It would be a great summer version of my kids favorite.

  7. rochelle haynes

    I like the Sixlets

  8. chris z

    i would use the red white and blue sixlets to decorate cupcakes

  9. tara pittman

    The red ones would be good on jello

  10. Jesse S

    I would get the oak leaf red hearts. That’s the red in my red, white and blue!

  11. lena

    I love Tie Dye Mix Sixlets, because they look like loads of fun

  12. lonnie hutchinson

    I would use the red,white and blue stars as a border on my cherry Jell-O cake.The kids would just love that.

  13. Aaron

    I would like to use the Giant Nerds® Filled Gumballs because they are delicious and colorful.

  14. vanessa

    The sixlets. Delicious and available in a variety of colors

  15. Laura

    I would use the Niagara Chocolates because you can’t go wrong with chocolate!

  16. Leela

    Red & White Candy Crumble Jar because they are festive.

  17. Emily Endrizzi

    I would love to use the Shimmer Silver Stars Sweet Shapes Peg Bag for holiday decorating. I think they would be perfect for Forth of July or even New Years parties.

  18. Wendy Mastin

    Sixlets®, because of the bright colors. You could use for any festivity

  19. Deborah W.

    I love the Celebrations candies and gumballs by Sweetworks. They are brilliant in color and accent any dessert you may make.

  20. Heather B

    I would use the sixlets because they come in so many great colors and taste good too!

  21. Robin Abrams

    I would like to use the Red, White & Blue Mix Sixlets® Peg Pouch. All the colors that I need are in this package to decorate my grandkids cupcakes.

  22. Terra Heck

    I’d use the Halloween Mix Sixlets® (2lb Bag) when I make cupcakes for Halloween this year because I like the festive colors. Thanks.

  23. Melinda Fritz

    Jaw breakers..it would look cool

  24. heather kaufman

    The Red, White and Blue Mix Stars Sweet Shapes™ would be great for Independence Day!!! The colors & shapes are perfect!!!

  25. Shannon

    I like the Red, White and Blue Mix Stars Sweet Shapes because they are easy to use to make a cake beautiful and my kids would love the candies. i love the sixlets too.

  26. diane

    jawbreakers, because everybody loves them

  27. donna u

    Sixlets, they are rainbow colored and tasty!

  28. Janet Woodling

    I love Sixlets. They bring back fond memories.

  29. Vicky D

    I would like the Foiled Solid Milk Footballs because right after the 4th we start getting ready for the Seahawks journey to the Superbowl!

  30. Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    I really like their celebrations “Shimmer™ Pastel Mix Hearts Sweet Shapes™ “. So pretty for St. Valentine’s day or any day! Thanks and God bless!


    Head over to Sweetworks and tell us what Candy you would like to use in your Holiday Decorating AND WHY?

    i wanna try some sillets for topping on my chocolate cupecakes..thanks

  32. Carol

    I like Hot Cinnamon Jawbreaker because it tastes good.

  33. Daniel Thornton

    I would use Milk Chocolate Sports Car . Cars and chocolate make any holiday special.

  34. Robin M

    I’d use the Red, White, and Blue Stars on my cake because it usually looks pretty plain.

  35. Marissa M

    I love the Red, White and Blue Mix Stars Sweet Shapes, so cute!

  36. Amanda Alvarado

    I’d love to use the Sixlets because they are my favorites and bring back memories of when I was a kid and bought them at the corner store!

  37. Racquelle

    I would use Sixlets on cupcakes

  38. emily n.

    I’d use the Ovation Break-A-Parts because they’re wrapped in colorful metallic paper.

  39. Ann Fantom

    I would like to use Sweetworks’ Red, White and Blue Mix Stars Sweet Shapes on the 4th of July cake I’m baking for our family picnic.

  40. Jan Lee

    I’d use the Sixlets, the Pearls and the Candy Crumble for cupcakes. Why, because the kids like the candy and they are edible decorations 🙂

  41. sandra

    I would use the Red & White Candy Crumble™ Jar for its patriotic colors

  42. Laura G

    I would get Sixlets and separate out the colors – red and blue for the 4th, yellow and green for our anniversary, orange and brown for Halloween cupcakes.

  43. tracee

    Your daughter did a great job decorating the cupcakes.
    I would use the nerds to decorate because the colors are bright and cheery and the shape has a lot of fun textures. (okay, I would actually just eat them. I like nerds).

  44. Jessica Rose

    I would love to use Halloween Mix Sixlets® (2lb Bag). I bet they would look great in a jar!

  45. Annamarie V

    I would put the red, white and blue mix stars in nice glass bowls for my 4th of July party.

  46. Leah Shumack

    The red, white and blue stars would be great on top of my trifle that I make for the BBQ each year!

  47. latanya

    Sixlets® Harvest Laydown Bag (9 oz) for halloween

  48. lissa crane

    I would love to use the red white & blue Sixlets to decorate with because my kiddo’s would easily be able to help create something spectacular with these! Sixlets would also give an amazing “pop” of color that would be yummy to eat as well!

  49. Janet Gillich

    I would love sixlets.

  50. Sandra Watts

    I would love the bright colors of the Sixlets.

  51. shea balentine

    I’d like the peanut butter filled chocolate hearts! They’d go great on a chocolate & PB cupcake!

  52. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    It would be fun to decorate with the Foiled Solid Milk Balls in various colors for each holiday. They would be pretty in large clear vases or jars.

  53. Lana Bradstream

    I would like to use the Lavender and White Candy Crumble. It would add a splash of color and looks delicate and delicious.

  54. Sarah Cool

    I would love the red white and blue sixlets for decorating a cheesecake patriotically. Also I would love the greens for a TMNT cake for my nephews bday

  55. Shelly Hammond

    I’d love to use the Ovation Mint Sticks. They are quite universal. They could be used whole as they are, broken in half or quartered to make other types of decorations, or even crumbled as a topping (or even snacked on in between). I think they’d be perfect!

    Shelly Hammond

  56. Amy C.

    The Nerd-filled gumballs look awesome for birthday party favors!

  57. ellen schull

    Sixlets because they have chocolate and come in such awesome colors.

  58. shirley

    Like to use the Red, White and Blue Mix Stars Sweet Shapes on a white cake, they would look so good on it.

  59. crystal gibson

    I would use lots of Sixlets because they are my favorite candy.

  60. Susan Smith

    I would like to use Sweetworks’ Red, White and Blue Mix Stars Sweet Shapes on the 4th of July cupcakes I’m baking for our family picnic because they are colorful and yummy

  61. Laura Ari

    I would get the banana flavored nitwitz. I’d use them to create faux banana splitz.

  62. Elizabeth H.

    OH MY GOSH, I LOVE SIXLETS!!!!! Would use those!!

  63. Nicole Carter (Weasley)

    I would use the Ovation sticks for fireworks maybe on a cake. That cake looks delish!

    1. Nicole Carter (Weasley)

      Oh I read it wrong BROWNIES! Oh that brownie yummy goodness looks awesome!

  64. Sara Theissen

    I would use red, white and blue gumballs on cupcakes. I love gumballs!

  65. Rebecca Orr

    I would love to decorate with the Sixlets® Christmas Canes. They would be perfect for holiday baked goods. Sugar cookies and Ginger Bread Houses!

  66. Jennifer Herman

    I would use the Red, White and Blue Mix Stars Sweet Shapes and make a cupcakes decorated with them because my daughter and I love to bake together!

  67. Amber Terry

    I would definitely use Sixlets because I love them! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  68. ken ohl

    love to use the sixlets to decorate some cupcakes for the 4th of july picnic

  69. Rhonda R

    I think the sixlets are great because of the many colors and delicious taste! They are perfect to use to decorate sweets or just have out as a display!

  70. Breanne

    I’d use the Princess Mix Sixlets for my friend’s baby shower.

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