Dec 08

Game Stop GC Giveaway

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Welcome to the

Thank You For Being My Friend Giveaway

Hosted and Sponsored by Tom’s Take On Things

Tom from Tom’s Take On Things just wants to be generous and host a giveaway for all of you to have a chance to win a gift card in the upcoming Holiday Season.

So who is your best friend? All we want to know is what you are buying your best friend for Christmas or the Holiday?

In the meantime, you have a chance to win this $25 GameStop Gift Card that you could end up giving to your best friend. If not, keep it for yourself and buy you something you want for Christmas. It’s ok, we don’t judge!

$25 GameStop Gift Card ~ Thank You For Being My Friend Giveaway Ends 12/23

Blogs helping promote this giveaway were not compensated for this post.

Be sure to come back daily for extra entries to win this great prize! Good Luck!




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  1. Kelly D

    I usually give gift cards to my friends.

  2. Dana Rodriguez

    I am sending her a gift card.

  3. Katie Bellamy

    I’m getting her a bottle of her favorite vodka! 🙂 She’s a new mom and we need girl time! 🙂

  4. Cheryl Abdelnour

    I might get him a sweatshirt. If I will this gift card I would give it to one of my sons.

  5. Sarah Hayes

    im going to buy her new clothes

  6. Sarah Phillips

    I plan to buy them a mug and make them homemade candy! This gift card would be awesome to give them to, so they could pick exactly what they wanted!

  7. shirley

    I bought GC and pen set.

  8. Sarah L

    My brother would like this. He’s a gamer.

  9. cindy legg

    perfume and jewelry

  10. Donna Newman

    Not too sure but probably a book or something doctor who related.

  11. Klydra Pugh

    I bought my best friend and new purse and pajamas
    Thanks for the chance

  12. Jay Jackson

    I am buying him a Gun Calendar from Ducks Unlimited

  13. Deborah W.

    I’m planning on giving my best friend something from the heart; probably handmade. For my sons and son-in-law I’m planning on giving Game Stop gift cards. They love to shop at Game Stop!

  14. Karley Moore

    I bought my best friend a beautiful pair of earrings.

  15. Will G

    An Amazon Gift Card.

  16. Jessie Mohler

    I already did amd it was hedgehog mittens
    .. For the win

  17. Michelle Olms

    I plan to buy my best friend Super Mario Odessy .

  18. Kate F.

    I’m buying my friend some jewelry.

  19. Nicole Martin

    I will buy her a gift card.

  20. Linda Madden

    I will be giving her a gift card to Victoria’s secret.

  21. chrissy c

    I’m buying my best friend a fifa soccer game!

  22. Rachel

    I plan on getting my best friend a spa package for Christmas.

  23. judy sizemore

    I give her a gift card

  24. Dan Dykstra

    I got him a good bottle of Vodka and some home made salsa.

  25. LB

    I bought my best friend cards against humanity

  26. Jessica Justice

    I’ve got my mind on a couple things but I haven’t decided what I’m getting yet.

  27. Anastasia

    A subscription to the WWE Network 🙂

  28. April Roberts

    I’m getting her a gift card to a few different places.

  29. Jaclyn Reynolds

    I’m getting her candles and a gift card.

  30. Edye

    Whatever they put on their wishlist 🙂

  31. Maggie

    I didn’t buy her anything, but I did send her a bunch of homebaked goodies!

  32. Maria B

    I got her some Bath & Body Works gift set.

  33. Patricia Mingozzi

    I plan on buying her a bracelet.

  34. Susan Broughton

    What ever they are asking for I will get for my best friend

  35. Jeanna Massman

    Gift cards are always appreciated,

  36. Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    My hubby is my best friend….but I can’t say here what I bought him or it would spoil the surprise! Thanks and God Bless!

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