Sep 23

Brooklyn Beans Vanilla Skyline Kcups!

I received this product to review. All opinions are 100% my own.


Brooklyn Beans Vanilla Skyline Kcups!


If you are like me you love coffee. I love all coffee, different roasts and flavors depending on my mood. Brooklyn Bean Roastery Vanilla Skyline is a perfect blend of awesome coffee with vanilla overtones. 


Product Description

Oh, now this is what creamy dreams are made of. Vanilla Skyline is a coffee that celebrates the richness and beauty of the New York cityscape. This savory blend has just the right amount of vanilla – not too sweet – bringing out the very best in our 100% Arabica beans.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Single-Serve Vanilla Skyline Blend coffee cups are available in a convenient 40-count box.

All of Brooklyn Bean Roastery’s delicious individual blends include:

  • Highest quality of coffee beans; 100% Arabica coffee beans available in 12 specialty blends.
  • Revolutionary “Roast2Cup” processing for extra freshness and premium flavor. You are guaranteed a fresh-brewed cup every time.
  • Crafted with pride in the USA.
  • Compatible with many popular single-serve coffee machines.


About Brooklyn Bean Roastery

We’re three guys from Brooklyn who love coffee. We grew up with an appreciation for quality, originality, and local pride, and we base our company on those values. What we’re saying is… we demand the best of everything and don’t hesitate to tell you what’s what.

Brooklyn Beans Roastery is the first independently owned, single-serve coffee company using ‘Roast2Cup’ technology, a process that ensures the best cup of coffee every time you brew. 

If you are looking for the perfect brew with amazing vanilla flavor you have got to try out Brooklyn Bean Roastery Vanilla Skyline Kcups. They are perfect hot or cold. As the main drink or as a base for a iced or frozen drink! Just like every other Brooklyn Bean Roastery flavor Vanilla Skyline is exactly what it should be!


Here We Go Again Ready received this product to review. All opinions are 100% my own. I only recommend products I feel will be beneficial to my readers.