Nov 17

AIrfree Onix 3000 Giveaway

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Welcome to the

Clear the Air Purifier Giveaway ~ Win an Onix 3000 Air Purifier

This is a giveaway sponsored by Airfree on behalf of Tom’s Take On Things

Clear the Air Purifier Giveaway ~ Win an Onix 3000 Air Purifier Ends 12/1

Would you like an Air Purifier that is quiet and doesn’t require any maintenance? Sure you would! In addition to how quiet it is, it is also aesthetically pleasing and fits into any decor. It has a built-in night light feature that you can turn on or leave off making it perfect for kids rooms as well.

You should head on over to check out the review Tom’s Take On Things did here. He gives it a 9.6 out of 10. Go find out why and how it made it into his 2017 Holiday Gift Guide as well.

So here is your chance to win one! Open to residents of the U.S. Only, the giveaway ends on 12/1 at 11:59 pm EST. Tom’s Take On Things nor bloggers helping promote this giveaway were compensated for this post. Airfree is responsible for prize delivery.



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  1. Cheryl Abdelnour

    I do have one and it is a little loud.

  2. Soha Molina

    I don/t have one.

  3. Elizabeth C.

    No, I don’t have an air purifier. I’m hoping to win one !

  4. vickie

    We do not, but it is only our list. We have dust, country dirt roads, pets and seasonal allergies.

  5. Linda Szymoniak

    We don’t currently have an air purifier at our house, but could really use one. We have three dogs and three cats (all rescues) so you can imagine the amount of pet dander and fur we get at our house. I’d love to be able to clean the air we breathe!

  6. Jennifer A Rose

    I don’t have one but definitely need one where Im living now. Im hoping to win this one but if not Ill be buying one. The quieter the better,and this one is sure quiet.

  7. Klydra Pugh

    We do have purifiers and I wish they were quieter
    Thanks for the chance

  8. Debbie Welchert

    No I don’t have one and wish I did.

  9. Kristen

    We do not have one, but I’d really like to.

  10. Brooke Banks // Layaway Dragon

    I had one, it was alright. Not silent, but more like a white noise machine or a decent sized fan. Living in AZ, you just get used to fans or AC running all the time so it doesn’t really matter lol.

  11. Jason

    No I don’t have one yet

  12. Darlene Carbajal

    I have never owned an air purifier before.

  13. michelle k

    No I don’t have an air purifier at home

  14. Michelle Macaluso

    I don’t have one, but really need one. We have 3 cats so it would be nice for all the dander.

  15. Tamara Burks

    Nope.but I want one.

  16. Carol

    No I don’t have one and wish I did.

  17. cindy legg

    no i dont have one i had one in the past though i loved it

  18. Edye

    We currently do not have one.

  19. jberry

    I wish. Indoor air quality is very important to me, however we travel for work & can’t justify the cost.

  20. Sandra Crispo

    I do not have one, but would like it as have allergies

  21. Heather Amos

    No, we don’t have an air purifier.

  22. Cat C.

    No I don’t have an air purifier

  23. Denise Jaresh Higgins

    I have one and love it, but it is loud

  24. Jessica Justice

    I don’t have an air purifier.

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